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Creation of dialogue lists and post production scripts

Do you need a script for an audiovisual production? Are you preparing your film for further voice-over? Do you need a film distribution certificate? In all of these cases, we are ready to help you prepare dialogue lists and post production scripts.

Preparing a script for audiovisual production

In the process of preparing the script for any audiovisual production, all the dialogues in the film, or text appearing on the screen, are transcribed and formatted as a target text document. The script is the easiest way to put the lines of characters, titles or significant inscriptions on paper. The script does not contain time codes, so it cannot be used for further voice-overs. Our experts will prepare scripts for you in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and other languages, as well as the CIS languages.

Preparing a dialogue list

A dialogue list is a table which includes dialogues, on-screen text and time codes, i.e. indications of the exact moment the dialogue starts or exact time the text appears on the screen. In the dialogue list the names of the characters are specified, stresses are placed in words that can be uttered incorrectly and additional notes for the actors are given. As a result, the dialogue list can be used for the further revoicing of an audiovisual production. Our company can prepare dialogue lists according to the Alba Multimedia template or to the customer’s template.

Preparing a post production script

The post production script is the most detailed written variant of an audiovisual production. It is a table containing a full description of the film in chronological order, initial and final time codes for each plan, the type of plan, the content of the plan (description of what is happening on the screen), as well as dialogues and description of the noise and music track (musical inserts, significant noises, etc.). Samples of the post production scripts for the RGAKFD and the State Film Fund can be viewed here.