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Alba Multimedia translation company: audiovisual translation and localisation

The core activity of ALBA MULTIMEDIA Company is the provision of professional translation services in the field of audiovisual translation and localisation. Our long-term and satisfied clients include international producers and providers of audiovisual content.

We are glad to offer you the following scope of services:
• Creation of scripts for audiovisual works
• Creation of dialogue lists and post production scripts
• Subtitling of audiovisual productions and translation of timed text
• Translation for voice-overs
• Translation for dubbing
• Creation and translation of audio descriptions
• Creation and translation of subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers (SDH)
• Localisation of songs, poems and other rhymed texts

The creation of a complete localisation package for an audiovisual production is our strong competitive advantage (the package includes subtitles, SDH, translation for revoicing purposes, audio description, etc.).

If necessary, we can voice the translation and add a sound track to the video. We are ready to help you to find voice-over talents and to rent a studio, as well as to perform revoicing quality control.

The Company’s mission is to enhance the competitive strength of the products and services provided by our clients in media industry markets through the provision of high-quality language services.

Brief information about our company

1. Our company was established in 2019 as a subsidiary unit of Alba Translating Company, which has been working in the translation industry for more than 10 years and has an excellent reputation for its loyalty and credibility.

2. Among the co-owners of the company there are experienced audiovisual translators who have participated in translation and localisation projects for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, AeroGroup, DreamWorks Animation, SDI Media and other major vendors and have the experience of preparing complete localisation packages for international film festivals. They are also experienced editors and copyright experts.

3. In our company, internal processes are aligned in accordance with the standard requirements of ISO 17100 (Translation Services - Requirements for Translation Services) and ISO 9001:2015. We believe that the most important factor of our successful operation is orientation toward long-term partnership with our clients. The main principles of our quality policy are as follows:
• Commitment to the needs and expectations of our clients
• Fully detailed regulation of internal and external communications
• Careful selection of personnel (translators, editors, proofreaders) and matching them to their assigned tasks, in conjunction with conducting internal corporate training courses in audiovisual translation in accordance with the requirements of the client
• Implementation of up-to-date technology, including translation management systems and proprietary time tracking applications for proofreaders and reviewers
• Confidentiality
• Highly elaborate system of translation quality assessment

4. We offer our clients the most flexible business arrangements:
• you can contact us not only during business hours;
• we do not demand advanced payment from our standing clients, and offer a grace period;
• we offer an integrated solution for all your linguistic tasks.

5. Our employees participate widely in professional organisations such as the European Language Industry Association, European Society for Translation Studies and European Association for Studies in Screen Translation. We take part in industry events (Media for All, Intermedia, etc.), teach audiovisual translation at universities and participate in the work of the State Examination Commissions. We are also engaged in scientific work, conduct research in audiovisual and other types of translation and activities promoting law-making initiatives. Since 2010 our parent company, Alba Translating, has been publishing an annual collection of research papers: "Topical questions of translation studies and translation practice". In 2020 we are planning to publish a special issue on the theory and practice of audiovisual translation and localisation.


More than 10 years in the industry

We have translated almost a million pages, being called upon to solve linguistic problems of varying complexity, often to extremely tight deadline.

We are one of the Top-40 largest translation companies in Russia

This ranking is according to the site https://translationrating.ru using data for 2015.

We work to provide you with the greatest flexibility

We build relations with customers with an individual approach; our desire is to find and fully meet their needs.

Quality and privacy are in accordance with ISO 17100

We understand that high quality and our excellent reputation are our main competitive advantages.

Dynamic innovation

We develop software, participate in projects of professional organizations, and support law-making initiatives.