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Subtitling services

Subtitling of an audiovisual production

We are pleased to be able to offer you the subtitling service. Experienced subtitlers will perform cueing, translation and synchronisation of subtitles with the video and language, technical editors will check the quality of their work and the subtitles file will be delivered to the client in the preferred format. We follow the Code of Good Subtitling Practice, and Timed Text Style Guide, developed by the specialists at Alba Multimedia Company. This Guide is based upon the analysis of the best practices of major audiovisual content producers.

Translation of subtitles

Watching of an audiovisual production accompanied with translated subtitles has lots of benefits. The viewers may enjoy the voices of famous actors, appreciate their acting and fully emerge themselves in the context of the film. And they will also have the chance to understand what people on the screen are talking about. While translating subtitles, our specialists follow all the technical constraints imposed on subtitlers, i.e. reading speed, line treatment, number of characters in a line and other requirements. They create a faithful translation of high quality, taking into account age rating systems. After assessing the quality of the translation and synchronisation of the subtitles by language and technical editors, the target file with subtitles will be delivered in the format required by the client.