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Translation for voice-over

The translation of voice-over is the least expensive method of audiovisual translation used for further revoicing of audiovisual productions. When using voice-over, the volume of the source soundtrack is lowered while the speech of the voice-over talent is superimposed over the original soundtrack. Traditionally, voice-over is used in the localisation of documentaries, TV series and corporate videos.

Audiovisual translators work very hard to create special tables (dialogue lists) where they write translated dialogues, titles, credits and the closed captions that appear on the screen. In addition, the translated text is synchronised with the video; audiovisual translators use special time codes that indicate the moment when the dialogue starts or the caption appears. When the translation process is complete, the target text is edited and sent to the studio for further revoicing.

If you need to revoice and mix your translated text, we can assist you in finding an appropriate studio and voice-over talents. We also can supervise the process of revoicing to ensure the highest quality of voice-over.